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Gain peace of mind and

make the most out of your property.

Don't have time to look for tenants? Want to save energy and earn more with your real estate? Worry less and list your home with us.

We take under our wing the most exclusive and stunning apartments of Tartu. Our guests have high standards and all listings need to meet our quality criteria.

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  • 10 Years of experience in the home hotel living business

  • Knowledge of the best practices which grants protection for all stakeholders.

  • Testimonials of satisfied landlords - Read Below



  • Team with loyal managers, handymen, cleaners.

  • Careful vetting of tenants. Favouring long-term.

  • Regular property inspections

Maximum revenue

  • Styling service with personal interior designers adding value to the property.

  • Expect up to 20% greater earnings compared to regular renting.

Financial security

  • Our pricing and business model is fully transparent

  • We'll gladly help understanding every step of the proccess.

  • Long term contracts - up to 5 years

  • Deposit and guarantee

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