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The City of 
Good thoughts


​Create memories of a lifetime in one of the cleanest and coziest cities in the world - Tartu. The people of Estonia have dubbed it the City of Good Thoughts.
And for a good reason - You feel and see it immediately when you walk around town and breathe in the atmosphere. People are smiling, strolling around, doing their everyday business being joyful.

From the summer of 2019, there has been a new Smart Bike Sharing System installed in Tartu. There are 69 parking lots and 750 bikes out of which 510 are electric.

If you value mobility and the environment - Ride the bike!

Relax on the shore of Emajõgi (Mother River), take walks across the mystical Toomemäe hill, Explore the cultural hub of art and entertainment, or check out the many famous landmarks around the city. There are tons of things to do! 

Check out the calendar of conferences, festivals, and events happening around town on the Culture Window website.



Tartu is home for the biggest university of Estonia, University of Tartu - Universitas Tartuensis.
It brings together innovative, creative and forward-thinking young people and creates a vibrant culture of collaboration and sustainability.

Check out the calendar of conferences festivals and events happening around town on the Culture Window website.


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